About us

We havstarted our activities ithe year 1993 with the opening of the Polish-German border crossing in Osinów Dolny. Thanks to our persistence and hard work we created a company, which offer an exceptionally wide range of high quality products for pets.

In the year 1998 we started wholesale activities, which cover an area located in the western part of Poland and the whole Germany. Due to that we are flexible and we can adjust our services to the customer’s needs.

We cooperate with many appreciated companies that produce pet supplies, such as: IMAC, AQUAEL, WROMAK, WD-IMPEX, ART-MET, TROPICAL, TUBIFEX, MEDUZA, TROPICAL, TRIXI, VITA-POL.

Thanks to our involvement we created chain of retail shops. In the 2012 we opened shop in Osinów Dolny with and area of 300m2. In that place, we have assortment, which will satisfy the most fastidious customers.